Mojo coming back…

After sacking off the Strathpuffer due to a complete lack of training and motivation, it was great to get back to biking just to enjoy it for what it is, not because you need to do it for something.

So, I was excited to get out today, so much so that I was awake and up before the 0630 alarm call. Vanny was all packed for the drive north to Drymen to ride a nice all weather surface on the West highland way, a nice change from the Ayrshire mud.

There was a light dusting of snow as we headed off from Drymen and over Conic hill, a cracking Wee lump of a hill that denotes the start of the highland boundary fault line, and generally has fantastic views over Loch Lomond. Today was no different.

Once down the icy descent and into Balmaha, coffee and sugary treat was dispatched and then back on the now snow covered bikes and off again. The path that hugs the east bank of the loch is a nice Wee but of trail, some nice Wee rocky culverts to pop off of, but not enough to take your eyes off of the water itself, which was an absolute millpond today. No weegie jet skis, awesome!.

By the time we had reached sallochy bay, the snow was deepening and getting heavier. Decision made to head back, but instead of skirting round Conic hill as we had planned, we instead opted to go back over the top, as the descent at the eastern end looked sweet. How right we were.

There was a lot more snow on the hill by now, which did a great job of covering the ice on the descent, and also giving a bit of well needed grip. 

I’ve not ridden much of late, but as I intimated in the title, I felt my mojo coming back today, which means fitness will follow soon. 

About time too. 



And a link to the past…

I’ll get round to importing it over here, someday, but in the meantime the old garbled ramblings of mine are available to read  Here

Out with the old…

IMG_2118 It’s not only 2015 that has reached its final days, my old blog over on Blogger has grumbled to a halt as well, I’ve hardly posted anything of interest recently and so it’s time for a wee change, Which will also hopefully give me the necessary kick up the bahookie to get posting again on a regular basis.

Blogger is pretty good for getting started, easy to configure with a simple UI, but I’ve seen a fair few really good looking, eye catching blogs recently, and none of them have been on Blogger – all on the WordPress platform – so it was time to move over. I’ve not quite worked it all out yet, the banner I want has as yet evaded me, and I’ve not quite decided to add stats etc. as yet, but it’s early days and the good thing is that the Enjoyrider domain name wasn’t already taken on WordPress.

So, to 2016….

Plans are afoot for a few events, as planning gets you through the long, gritty days of an Ayrshire winter, keeping the sanity candle lit and giving a reason to get out and get manky.

Unfortunately, there must be casualties in such plans, and the first event of the year has been passed up – the Strathpuffer. It’s a tough, arduous event, riding in your own wee pool of light through the wee small hours, and you really should have the training behind you to marry with the mental fortitude required. Well, as I’ve hardly turned a pedal in the last couple of months apart from the flat commute, I’ve decided that my fitness is nowhere near that level, so my solo place has gone to another, more worthy source.

Good luck Nik.

Anyway, that’s the negative out the road, onto more optimistic plans….

I’ve entered a couple of Enduro events, a night and day event at Ae and my favourite in Swaledale – the ‘Ard Rock, and also have my sights set on one of the new SES events in Dunoon, the PMBA Grizedale in the lakes and possibly the PMBA in Kirroughtree too.

I may slot another event in over the course of the year, but I always like to leave some weekends in the Karma bank for some hike-a-bike fests too. First up will be a wee visit to Keswick with the salt and sauce massive to take in the delights of the Northwestern fells in early April, although I’m absolutely sure I’ll be in the lakes before that.

Another itch that really needs scratched is the Lakeland 200 – 200km of the finest offroad riding that the lake district has to offer – and the plan is to do it over 3 days as its nearly 20,000ft of climbing too.

I have quite a few other big rides that I’d like to tick off over the year, but not planned in as yet – a ridge ride on Arran, Ben Macdui again, but from the other side, re-visit Helvellyn, and I really need to get down to the Golfie at Innerliethen as I’ve been meaning to for ages.

I’ve rambled on enough now, I hope you have a great 2016, and here’s to health, biking and hopefully some more posts and pictures!.